Welcome to the Los Angeles County Smart Growth Coalition

Los Angeles County Smart Growth

Coalition    LACSGC 

The Los Angeles County Smart Growth Coalition is an organization comprised of Los Angeles County Residents, Environmental Advocates, Trade Union Representatives, Transportation Advocates and individuals willing to promote Smart Growth Development. 

Our motto is: It is never too late to do the right thing. 

As the County of Los Angeles and its 88 cities move in the 21st the century, we realize it is impossible to contain/restrain the increasing population within the Urban Areas.

As we expand to the Rural Areas to accommodate the ever increasing population we must explore, develop and implement building practices that are innovative and adhere to advancing Sustainability, Social Responsibility and Environmental Protection. 

 The Sins of the Fathers must not dictate the progress of the future. 

Urban Sprawl and lack of forward vision have created the current challenges with regards to traffic, water supply, crime and a lack of live-work communities.

 As every new project comes they tend to be opposed based on past mistakes, or the “sins of the fathers”. With concern and skepticism and down right distrust, community advocates find an outlet for their frustration by attacking the new project.

As an organization LACSGC will take on the responsibility and the task to see that each new major development project receives a fair and unbiased assessment and hearing.

It will be our objective to address rational and reasonable challenges to a project and identify and dispel objections which are agenda driven and constitute a disingenuous obstruction to progress and Smart Growth. 

We encourage all concerned and those dedicated to Vision, Innovative Strategies, Sustainability and Environmental Excellence to join our ranks as Advocates for Smart Growth in the County of Los Angeles.  


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